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Baby Wipes

Baby wipes cannot be overstated and recommended enough to do them justice. They make such a significant change and immediate impact. Seriously, they're not just for babies. Afghanistan is hot, too hot. Even if you work an office job being able to retreat to the restroom and take a baby wipe to your pits and neck after being outside for a bit is a refreshing feeling. I've been in situations before where we didn't have any running water, plumbing issues, rationing, whatever the reasons were. In those times, I've taken mini camping-esque type showers using bottled water and soap to wash all the essentials and as much of everything else as I could. Even after going through that, I'd give myself a wipe down with baby wipes or what my good friend dubbed, the airport shower. Which brings me to another situation where baby wipes are invaluable. Airports. Especially when you're making these trips that take you half-way around the world. Also, I can almost guarantee you that the TP you have downrange won't be your lifelong favorite brand that's taken care of your back side for years. Flushable baby wipes are here to the rescue.  I promise you, baby wipes will keep you feeling as clean and fresh as possible. Be awesome and include a pack or two in the next care package you send out.

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