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Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffuser isn't something you would immediately think of, if at all. Truth is they're extremely valuable and turn your living space into your own little get away. Different places have different smells and also depending on what the service member works on or around, it's nice to leave those smells at work. Coming back to your own space and filling the air with lavender, rosemary, orange oil or any other scent is a refreshing get away from the outside world. They also help to tame odors that are persistent and almost impossible to get rid of. This is the one I'm currently using, but there are many available. I think the biggest draw for me in this specific diffuser is it's large capacity. It can hold 500 ml which happens to be the same size of the water bottles you'll pull off a pallet at any deployed location. Take a peek below for more options. Also don't forget to pick up some essential oils.

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