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Privacy Pop Bed Tent

The Privacy Pop Bed Tent is a must have when you’re living in a shared room. On many deployments we will have anywhere from two to eight people in an open room, often times the only thing separating your sleep area from the view of others is bed sheets or wool blankets strung up to the ceiling with 550 cord. When you take into account that not everyone in that room will be working the same shift and you get stuck with that guy who doesn’t realize or doesn’t care that not everyone is on his sleep schedule and turns on the lights all the time in turn disturbing the whole room, it makes for a less than ideal living arrangement.

The Privacy Pop Bed Tent changes that. It’s essentially what the name implies, a small pop up tent that provides complete privacy. They’re very easy to put up and once set, provides your own little bubble to escape to. When you get back to your room after a long day and want to unwind with your favorite movie or tv series, you don’t have to worry about the light from your laptop or tablet disturbing others as it is all contained within the pop up tent. Set up a small lamp, and sneak away and get lost in a book. It’s been a game changer for me. If you're in a shared living arrangement I highly recommend the Privacy Pop Bed Tent.

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